Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Overcome Fear With Faith

Yesterday was probably the final "first day of school" for me.

It was a scary thought, thinking that in a few months everything that I considered routine will have to change. No more class schedules. No more textbooks. No more final exams. I'll be exchanging those responsibilities and assignments for new ones. I'm already getting a little taste of that and I felt a bit of a wave of panic and doubt rush over me.

Am I going the right way? What if I'm stuck and going nowhere 10 years down the line? Is this really the right path?

Sometimes it feels like life is just coming at you at 100 miles per hour and you feel powerless to stop. Things are starting to change so rapidly that you wonder whether or not you can make the proper adjustments.

I've been reading Steven Furtick's Sun Stand Still this month and it has definitely ignited something in my mind. One of the things that he talks about, something that is essential for any Christian, is to have audacious faith. "Biblical audacity is a mind-set that approaches God with confidence and believes him for the impossible," Furtick writes. He goes on to say that audacity is not an activity, but an approach. "It's all about how we do what we do." Audacious faith comes down to "trusting Jesus completely in every area of your life and setting out to devote your life wholly to revealing his glory in this world."

That's the key.

There is nothing that God has entrusted us with that we cannot handle. We just need to constantly

We are always going to be battling with doubts. With fears. With insecurities. We need to combat them with audacity. With a knowledge of who God is and what his promises are for our lives. With a faith that helps us push through those doubts and questions. If we only took action when we were 100% certain of something, I can guarantee you we would never accomplish anything in our lives.

So take that first step of faith with the knowledge that God will be there with every step if we just follow his lead.

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  1. Amen. There is no truer a statement. No matter what happens, there is only one person who will always have your back, no matter the occasion. Thank you for the reassuring words.

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