Saturday, December 7, 2013

24 Days

Don't look now, but 2013 is almost over.

If you are like me, you've had some amazing moments of victory, breakthrough and joy. If you're also like me, you've had some serious times of trials, disappointments and heartbreak. 

You've probably had weeks where everything seemed to be in rhythm, in sync and on track. You were ready to take on the day and its challenges with a spring in your step. Other weeks, just getting out of bed in time for work was a victory itself. 

I recently took a glance at the goals I had written down for myself just before this year began. Some goals I had accomplished, but many of them are off track or still in progress. I don't know about you, but sometimes looking at all the things we hoped to do or change but didn't can be discouraging. 

But guess what, it's OK. No, really, it is. Not everything we plan works out. We're human. And many times God will take over our to-do lists, our goals and our Google calendars, exchanging them for something else. Something better. 

Instead of taking the highway straight to where we want to be or where we want to go, he'll force us to take the backroads. Sure, it might take longer. Sure, there might be a bunch of stoplights along the way. Sure, it might be extremely annoying and inconvenient. 

But those detours are where we learn patience and learn to lean on God's understanding instead of our own. We can't appreciate the sights and sounds of the journey when we're going 80 miles per hour on the highway. Sometimes we have to slow down, pull over on the side of road and take in the view.  

God has given me victories this year that have proven his faithfulness again and again. Years from now I will be able to look back and say "God was faithful in that situation, and I know He will be faithful in this one." In times of uncertainty and heartbreak, His presence has given me direction, strength and comfort. It's in those times where we are molded into the men and women God wants us to become.  

And guess what, 2013 is not over. There are still 24 days left. That's 24 days to get back on track. Twenty-four days to finish strong. Twenty-four days to love God and love people like never before. Twenty-four days to let God have His way in your life and mine. Twenty-four days that can serve as a prelude to 2014.

Write down your dreams. Recommit to your goals. Open up God's word. Write a mission statement for your life. Hit the gym again. Make a budget. Do something.    

Don't wait for January 1 to take a step of faith. Lay down the foundation for next year's journey right now. 

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