Monday, February 10, 2014

Why Confidence (and a Batman Shirt) Isn’t Enough

Confidence is awesome.

I love being around people who are confident in who they are and what they can do. They're often encouraging, inspiring and clearly comfortable in their own skin. Being confident is often a precursor for success.

But confidence alone doesn’t cut it. It never has. Confidence only works when it’s rooted in the soils of a rock-solid identity, proven abilities, hard work and a humble acknowledgment of one’s limitations.

Someone forgot to tell that to the kid in the video below.

In the opening seconds, this kid is apparently very confident of himself. He seems ready to take on anything. Plus, he’s wearing a “Batman” shirt, which probably makes him feel like he can take down bad guys and save entire cities from destruction.

In this instance, he was just asked to do a somersault. That’s it? Easy! the swagger-filled kid must have thought.

But, as this kid finds out the hard way, confidence without practice equals pain.

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