Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Problem With Being A Lone Wolf

We all know a “lone wolf.” That guy with the awesome beard, steely eyes and leather jacket, roughing it solo with his theme song, Whitesnake’s Here I Go Again (On My Own), on blast as he rides off on his Harley.

Okay, so maybe the person you had in mind doesn’t look like that. Or maybe you’re the lone wolf (sans the leather jacket), doing life your own way without anyone by your side.

There’s a problem with being the lone wolf, though -- you’ve opened yourself up to a world of trouble. Lone wolves are capable, sure. But only to a point. They are more susceptible to danger from enemies and they always have to be looking over their shoulder for potential threats. Wolves are meant to live in packs because wolves are stronger, safer and better off together, not alone. And so are we.

If you are reading this, you've probably faced temptations at some point in life. And you will be tempted again. So will I. We all will -- lone wolf or not. It's not a matter of if but when.

People don’t get up in the morning and set out to ruin their lives. Lives don’t often spiral out of control due to one colossal mistake, but a thousand of small missteps and decisions we made on our own (without counsel).

One compromise here. One compromise there. And then before we know it, we are left to look back and see the destruction we left behind in our wake.


But there is a way we can protect ourselves from jacking up our lives beyond recognition -- establishing accountability in our lives. That means having at least one person you need to answer to. It could be your parents. A friend. A spouse. Someone worthy of your trust.

A life of integrity and credibility is not possible without accountability; without someone there to ask the tough questions no one else will and keep you from wandering off into dangerous territory alone.

Being held accountable to others and to God is not an option. And part of being accountable involves accepting responsibility, taking responsibility for your actions, seeking forgiveness when mistakes are made, learning from those mistakes & making an effort to get better every single day.

Who is holding you accountable? Who is making sure your life isn't going off the rails?


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