Friday, January 2, 2015

Red Flags, Quicksand And Why Making Your Bed Is Important

The year 2014 now belongs to the history books and we can look forward to flying cars, hover boards and a Chicago Cubs World Series in the very near future (Okay, that last one was a little far-fetched, Robert Zemeckis).

But before we put 2014 behind us for good, here are some of the most popular posts from the blog this past year in case you missed any!

1. 25 Things Married People Would Go Back & Tell Themselves

2. The Problem With Ignoring Red Flags (Written by my good friend Jasmyn Elliot)

3. 5 Important Things To Learn While You’re Single

4. Why You Should Make Your Bed First Thing In The Morning

5. Unplugged: What 7 Days Without Social Media Showed Me

6. The Anatomy of a Good Friend

7. 5 Ways To Wait Well

8. A Better Way To Struggle

9. Stuck In Quicksand

10. 5 Words That Will Get You In Trouble

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